Navi Mumbai: 15 yr old girl strangled her mother over studies

Recently, in Navi Mumbai, a 15yr old kid killed her mother over the preparation for the MBBS exam. Rabale police, therefore, have lodged a case against the minor. Apparently, the minor and her mother fall into a quarrel. As a result, the minor allegedly killed her 42 yr old mother with her karate dress belt.

According to the FIR, the brother of the victim asked the police to reach their residence as soon as possible. He went on to say that the victim is not opening the door of her bedroom. The victim’s brother, on the other hand, was able to open the door as soon as he arrived. Unfortunately, he discovered her sister unresponsive on her bed, her karate belt slung around her neck. After that, he phoned the cops, who took her to the NMMC hospital. Doctors later declared her dead.

The cause of death, according to the post-mortem, was “asphyxial death owing to strangling with head damage.”

The police then began questioning the kid as part of their inquiry. She used to put pressure on her to study, which resulted in fights, according to the child.

Navi Mumbai incident whole story

Every occurrence has a backstory. Isn’t it true that nothing happens for no reason? However, this is the incident of Navi Mumbai. Her father chastised the kid for using the phone on July 27th. She was in such a bad mood that she left the house and went to see her maternal uncle. Moreover, the child’s mother arrived later, and the two became embroiled in a furious quarrel. The debate, however, became so heated that the case was taken to the Rabale police station. As a result, the cops were able to mediate the situation.

Later on 30th July, the kid mother called her and scolded her for not studying. Moreover, her mother even beat her up. The minor told the police that her mother even took out the knife. However, being terrified for her life she pushed her mother who fell and hit her head against the bed. After that, the mother picked up the karate belt lying on the bed but the kid snatched it and allegedly strangled her mother. Then the minor called her father saying that the mother is not opening the door.

Senior inspector Yogesh Gawade stated the girl being a minor so she has been sent to the juvenile remand home.

Sad but true!

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