Prayagraj: Over 170 children hospitalized due to chronic illness

As a result of the floods, many infectious diseases are back in action. This time the sufferers are the most vulnerable people. The children. Prayagraj saw the recent upsurge of cases of children suffering from chronic illness. 

Around 170 children have been admitted to the Motilal Nehru Hospital of Prayagraj in Uttar Pradesh. They were diagnosed with chronic diseases and viral fever, like encephalitis and pneumonia. The children need oxygen support. The Prayagraj CMO Dr. Nanak Saran talked to the press on Sunday regarding the situation.

He said that there are 120 beds in the children’s ward. However, they have received around 170 patients. Therefore, some of the kids have been shifted into 1 bed. He further informed that though the cases of Dengue are less as of now, other serious cases have come. This includes encephalitis and pneumonia cases. The patients are in need of an urgent oxygen supply.

Due to the receding water from the floods, different viruses are spreading easily.

Children are the least careful of their surroundings. Hence, are an easy catch. Hence, the cases of such chronic diseases and fever have increased by a large number. 

Though, the hospital and the CMO claim of giving the best possible medical facility to the kids, the parents are not satisfied. 2-3 children suffering from viral diseases sleeping on the same bed cannot be a matter to take lightly. Even some of the kids were lying on mattresses put on the ground, and receiving their treatment. The parents even complained of the doctors paying no attention. In fact, some of the parents are also under the impression that the medicines given by the doctors are causing side effects. Also, the poor infrastructural conditions are a cause of other infections!

Hopefully, the government and National media will focus their attention on this case before the situation worsens!

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