Strict And Compulsory RT-PCR Test: New Strain Of Covid-19 C.1.2.

A new strain of covid-19 C.1.2 was discovered. The new strain studies have shown that it could be more infectious and even vaccines are not effective on this variant.

This new strain was found in South Africa and now in China, Mauritius and New Zealand. As a result, people travelling to and from 7 more countries that include South Africa and China received new guidelines. An RT-PCR test with negative results has been made compulsory. Moreover, the test should not be older than 3 days.

The new strain of covid-19

The new variant of covid-19 was discovered first in South Africa in May. But this new variant is also found in countries including China, Congo, Mauritius, England, New Zealand, Portugal, and Switzerland. The new variant is not found in India till now. Earlier this applied only to the passengers from UK, Europe, and the Middle East.

The health ministry ordered States to collect a fixed percentage of positive samples of international travellers and sent them for genome surveillance. In Mumbai, the RT-PCR test has been made compulsory for those who are arriving at the city airport from September 3.

According to the reports, the new strain is C.1.2. It originated from C.1. Line from South Africa. In Wuhan, China detected 44 to 59 mutations from the original virus. According to Richard lessells, ( infectious disease specialist) this variant can damage the immune system more than the Delta variant by seeing the pattern of mutations.

The rate of transfer in this variant and other studies are still going on. This is to understand the behaviour of the new strain of covid-19.

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