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Taliban entered Kabul on Sunday: what will happen next?

The insurgent group i.e. The Taliban currently controls most of Afghanistan. The Taliban hit Kabul on Sunday. However, they did not face any kind of resistance from the government forces.
Basically, the Taliban want “transfer of power”. Thus, they are in talks with the Afgan government regarding the same. Moreover, a spokesperson of the Taliban tweeted stating that the Taliban have instructed their forces to not enter the city of Kabul. He went on to say that until the transfer of power is done, the responsibility for the security of Kabul is with the other side (the Afgan Government).

Taliban entered Kabul
Credits: BBC

As a result, the Afghan government announced that the two countries are in discussions. This is done in order to keep Kabul free of carnage. Furthermore, Interior Minister Abdul Sattar Mirzakwal stated that there will be no attack in the city. A peaceful transfer of power to the transitional government, on the other hand, is in the works.


Former Afghan ambassador Ahamdi Saidi told DW that he expects a peaceful handover of power between the Taliban and Ghani’s administration in the coming days. The government, on the other hand, had no choice but to hand over power to the Taliban. Furthermore, there is still a chance, albeit remote, that Afghan politicians in Kabul may attempt to maintain control. In that case, Islamists may attempt a military takeover of Kabul from Afghan forces.


Because the situation in Afghanistan is so severe, US President Joe Biden has been chastised for retreating from the country. The US President, on the other hand, stated that the Afghan authorities must protect their country. On the other hand, if the Taliban invade Kabul, there will be a slew of casualties. The reason being, the city has a population of 6 million people.
On the other hand, the US is not likely to defend Afghanistan as they (Afghanistan) themselves are not in a position to do so. Moreover, Joe Biden announced an unconditional withdrawal of US forces from the country. Ergo, the Taliban succeeded in taking over several territories.
“We had been pleading with the Afghan government and the international community to secure our city for months, but no one listened,” Halima Sadaf Karimi, a politician from the northern Jawzjan province, told DW.

“The international world is equally to blame for the current situation in Afghanistan. By making a peace treaty with the Taliban, it granted them legitimacy. And now that the Taliban is committing war crimes in our country, the international community is doing nothing to condemn them,” he continued.

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