Afghanistan: Air India flights to continue till Kabul Airport remains functional!

The change of government in Afghanistan and the coming of Taliban into direct power have changed a lot of things for the world. The entire geopolitical scenario is changing. The Afghans are taking the harsh decisions of leaving their own nation. During such difficult times, the Indian government too decided to bring back its nationals on a priority basis. 

India is calling back the ambassador and the staff and closing the embassy for the second time after 1996. This is due to the situation of uncertainty created by the fall of the democratic Ashraf Ghani government. An Indian envoy informed the press that there are still a number of Indians in Afghanistan. Hence, the Air India flights will continue with their regular timetable. The flights will continue to Kabul airport till it remains functional. Rudrendra Tandon, an Indian envoy gave this statement as he was evacuated from Afghanistan along with the other diplomatic staff members.

Around 200 Indian officials and security personnel taken out of Kabul in two groups.

The two C-17 military heavy-lift aircraft were in action on Monday and Tuesday respectively! These flights were secretive. Conducted secretively pertaining to the chaotic situations in Kabul. On Monday, the group faced issues getting to the airport because of the checkpoints set up by Taliban in between the embassy and the airport!

Upon his arrival in Jamnagar, Gujarat, Tandon told that the officials have their eyes on the other Indians stuck in Afghanistan. Though the Air India flights were suspended because of the uncertainties prevailing, the flights continue. As long as the Kabul airport remains functional, Air India flights continue. Tandon said that the exact number of Indians in Afghanistan would be hard to tell. This is because, even after many advisories, there are a lot of people who do not register themselves with the embassy. Still, the officials are keeping a stern eye on every movement in Afghanistan and the security of the Indian citizens shall always be the top priority of the government.

Hours before this, the Indian Government offered a new e-visa. This applies to any Afghans who would want to move to India for the time being. When there are countries that have already recognized Taliban’s governance, the Indian Government has condemned the Talibani actions. 

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