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Gujarat: Ahmedabad Drug Mafia Turn Beggars Into Lab Rats

In a recent investigation, it was revealed that the drug mafia in Ahmedabad is crossing the boundaries of cruelty. Beggars, one of the most potentially discarded communities, faced another inhumane act. Beggars are not a community that can choose. The drug mafia in Gujarat decided to trial their drugs on the beggars. 

The beggars try synthetic drugs i.e., narcotic pills and powders to check their effect and efficiency.

Upon the successful completion of the trial, it is introduced to other people. The introduction happens through the black market. And in case if it doesn’t work as a success, then who cares about the faceless entities- the beggars! Anyways people realize their presence only when they whine or place their grimy hands on the sleeves!

The mafia usually picks up beggars or homeless people from the city areas or railway stations and bus stations. In a lot of cases, the beggars are put into life-threatening situations. Many of the beggars have their own identities but the identity of being a beggar overtakes everything else. This probe conducted by the Times Of India threw light on the life of many such beggars. Interviewing many eye-witnesses, the media house concludes that a lot of beggars started vomiting almost instantly after taking the pills. Some also bled from the nose.

The worst part about the situation is that no one is ready to take any action.

Neither the government nor the NGOs are concerned about the beggars. The Beggar problem in India is itself a pretty huge roadblock. Child beggars often kidnapped and brutally tortured or made into disables has been one of the most inhumane practices. Now, this issue has taken up a new face.

Authorities need to be mindful of such anecdotes and action is surely demanded! Hopefully, more awareness will spread, and the beggars themselves will take up responsibility and not take any medications or pills just for some bills!

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