PM Modi criticized in Bengal for the error in the Red Fort Address

The political parties in West Bengal targeted PM Modi for mentioning in his Independence Day speech that freedom fighter Matangini Hazra was from Assam.

On the 15th of August (Sunday), PM Modi addressed the nation on the occasion of the 75th Independence Day. While speaking of women who left a mark on India’s Struggle for Independence, he named Queen Lakshmi Bai of Jhansi, Queen Chennamma of Kittur, and Rani Gaidinliu of Nagaland. Similarly, PM Modi mentioned, “Assam’s Matangini Hazra.”

Matangini Hazra (1869-1942), a dedicated follower of Mahatma Gandhi. She was a resident of Tamluk, a place at present in the East Midnapore district of West Bengal. Hazra died when the police opened fire during a procession she was leading, as a part of the Quit India Movement.

In Kolkata City, many statues of Hazra mark as a tribute to the freedom fighter. Also, there is a road named after Hazra, to pay a tribute to the freedom fighter. In 2002, the Indian Government paid Hazra a tribute by issuing a postage stamp.

The ruling party of West Bengal, Trinamool Congress, blamed the error as an insult to Bengal.

TMC spokesperson tweeted the issue saying Hazra is from Bengal. A lot of disgrace was brought to the PM for the error in his speech.

Furthermore, the TMC’s general secretary Kunal Ghosh demanded that the Prime Minister must apologize. He also commented that mistakes like this are bound to happen when one depends too much on written speech.

Dilip Ghosh BJP Bengal Units President came to the rescue. He clarified that the error in the speech was a slip of tongue. Thousands of great souls sacrificed their lives for India’s Independence. So, people should not make an issue out of this.

The statement by Ghosh triggered stronger reactions within the opposition party.

The Left Front Chairman Biman Bose suggested that PM Modi should depend less on the teachings of RSS. And, the people in PM Modi’s secretariat should educate themselves before delivering a speech.

Additionally, Congress Rajya Sabha member Pradip Bhattacharya grieved that this incident is quite unfortunate as Matangini Hazra is an icon.

Supporters of opposition political parties took to social media to criticize PM Modi. This incident took place just a few days after Bengal BJP’s women association paid tribute to Hazra. The Women’s association tweeted on Saturday, honoring the brave daughter of Mother India on the occasion of the 75th Independence of India.

The leader of the opposition party in West Bengal, Suvendu Adhikari belongs from the East Midnapore district. He often mentions Hazra in his speeches.

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