India’s 7 Sister States: A Fact Ride Of This Awesome Sisterhood!

India’s 7 Sister States is said to be the unexplored paradise on earth. India’s 7 sister is known for its mesmerizing beauty and stunning cultural diversity. So here are some awesome facts about India’s 7 sister states.


‘Digboi’ is the world’s oldest operating refinery. It is there in Assam since 1901. The weird name of this refinery has a story behind it. Once a British officer noticed oil on the feet’s of the elephants returning from the forest. The officer ordered the labourers to dig for the oil. So ‘Dig Boy, Dig,’ and the name Digboi came from here. Funny and weird, right!

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Assam is the home of the world’s largest River Island ‘Majuli’. Also, the world’s biggest weaving village “Sualkuchi” the “Manchester of Assam”.

Arunachal Pradesh

Amongst  India's 7 sister States Arunachal Pradesh is the largest state.
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Amongst  India’s 7 sister States Arunachal Pradesh is the largest state. Furthermore, it is also the land of the rising Sun. Sixth Dalai Lama, Tsangyang Gyatso born in Tawang.

Moreover, he is popular for his love of wine and poetry. Even today poetries written by him is widely read.


Manipur is the place where the only floating park in the world exists.
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Manipur is the place where the only floating park in the world exists. So amongst India’s 7 sister states, Manipur is famous for The Keibul Lamjao National Park. It is a wetland consist of “phumdis” Biomass vegetation floating on lake Loktak.

Also, Manipur is the home of about to extinct Brow-antlered deer.


Meghalaya is famous for its beautiful ‘Living Root Bridges’.
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Meghalaya is famous for its beautiful ‘Living Root Bridges’. The indigenous Khasi tribes in Meghalaya made these bridges with the help of Indian rubber trees. Total 11 living root bridges are there in Meghalaya. The bridges have existed there since 1844. These living bridges continue to grow and their strength increases over time.


Mizoram is the leading bamboo producer in India. Also, one of the Deadly and dangerous phenomena Mizoram is famous for is ‘ Mautam.’ Mautam is a Mizo word that means Bamboo Death. This happens every 48 to 50 years. This famine brings lots of hardship and difficulties for the people dependent on agriculture.


It is amazing to know that World War 2 in India was fought in Nagaland and Manipur furthermore, The Japanese also tried to attack and capture  North India but they did not succeeded.

 In this war, the Indian National Army under Subhash Chandra Bose fought for the Japanese. Moreover, on the other hand, were the soldiers of the British India Army.


The surprising thing about Tripura is that NH 44 is the only major highway that connects Tripura to the rest of India. And it is a state where education is free for children under the age of 6 to 14 years. There is also a stunning floating water Palace known as Neer Mahal.

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