Some of the world’s most weird and unusual festivals.

Festivals are originated out of cultural events or religious rituals. Some weird festivals also emerge out of boredom. Here are some of them. they are the most thrilling and adventurous, weird festivals ever.

Air Guitar World Championship – August | Finland

This event takes place in Finland. It promotes world peace. The organizers of the event claim that “ according to the idea of air guitar, climate change stop, wars would end, and all bad things disappear only if the people around the world plays the air guitar. It is a Spotless Rock and Roll without instruments.

Mud Festival – July | South Korea

This weird festival has one big party. Includes thrilling music, zip-lining lots of mud related activities.  Furthermore, these include mud wrestling and mud fireworks. This festival is celebrated in the beautiful coastal town of Boryeong hosts. The mud festival is as fun and messy as it sounds.

Buso festival – March  | Hungary

buso men's
credit: BBC

This festival is continuing since the 18th century. It includes men dressing up like horned devils or ‘busos’. They aim to chase away winters. Also, It looks terrifying but it’s all for a good cause summer!.

World  championship of toe wrestling – August | Uk

toe wrestling is a part of a weird festival
credit: BBC

Ever imagined locking toes with a complete stranger? In this competition, two people sitting across from each other and their toes Interlocked and ready for battle. In this, that person becomes the loser whose foot is forced to touch the side of the ‘toedium’. Smackdown!

Up-Helly  – January | St Ninian’s Isle, Scotland

This is Europe’s biggest fire festival. This involves local men dress up as Vikings and set things on fire.

This festival celebrates the end of the time season. It involves lighting up torches and burning replica Vikings longboat paraded.  Near the small town of Lerwick.

Weird festivals of dead people – November | Mexico

dead people's festival
credit: BBC

Celebration of this weird festival is throughout Mexico. This festival has lots of visual similarities to Halloween. On this day there are lots of family gatherings. People pray for family members and friends who have passed. They visit cemeteries. Furthermore, decorate the graves and spend time there.


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