NASA study: Moon’s Wobble may cause record flooding in the 2030s

NASA has warned of devastating floods in the 2030s. This will happen due to the Moon’s ‘wobble’. Let us understand what NASA meant!

What is the Moon’s Wobble?

NASA’s website states that- when the moon makes its elliptical orbit, its velocity varies. This velocity alters, causing our perspective of the “light side” to appear at slightly different angles. This is called the Moon’s wobble. Precisely, Wobble is the variation or the difference in the velocity of the moon as it rotates!

The Danger NASA predicts

Interestingly, the ‘wobble’ has always been there! So, why the danger now? It becomes dangerous when it will combine with the rising sea levels due to the planet’s warming.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) conducted a new study! And yes, the study has revealed interesting stuff! Not only did they talk about the floodings in the 2030s but they also referred to the natural calamity as ‘nuisance floods’. . The study said the events would become more frequent and the US coastline will face serious effects!

 This will peak around the mid-2030s. Global warming will increase the sea level. Hence, the danger will increase very much!

 The amount of water flooding won’t be as high as during hurricanes. But, frequent floods can surely cause a lot of economic damage. The study also claims that some of these floods could last months!

 From the study, NASA hopes that it may act as a warning sign to the coastal cities. The countries and cities that might get affected might take measures for the same!

Thus, a lot of lives, as well as property, could be saved as an outcome of this elaborate study!

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