An Egyptian Mummy undergoes CT Scan in Italy

An Egyptian Mummy met the modern radiology techniques and received a CT Scan in Italy, this Wednesday. The scan was done as a part of research to discover more secrets of the mummy.

The Egyptian Mummy Of The Priest

The mummy that received the CT Scan is of Ankhekhonsu. He was an ancient Egyptian priest. Further, the information on this mummy’s name comes from the sarcophagus dated between 900 and 800 BC. As per the records, Ankhekhonsu- means ‘the god Khonsu is alive’. The Sarcophagus contains this word five times. This mummy was transferred from Bergamo’s Civic Archaeological Museum to Policlinico hospital in Milan. Thus, using this mummy, experts will shed light on the life and the burial customs of almost 3,000 years ago.

The Reason For The Research

The researchers believe that mummies are like a time capsule. They are a biological museum. Hence, using the mummy, researchers wish to reconstruct the life and death of the Egyptian mummy. Further, the radiology techniques might help in finding out the chemicals used for mummifying the priest.

Another big reason for this new research lies in the fact that the study of ancient diseases might pave a step to finding the cure for many incurable diseases.

Due to the curious nature of the human race, many such types of research have been conducted in the past too. Exploring the rich history of mankind and the various techniques used back in time will open new ways of finding answers. Precisely, every time ancient history touches modern technology, many amazing findings await!

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