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Why is PM Modi’s image immune to political accountability?

Indian Economy is one of the worst-hit economies around the globe. Despite the pandemic, India’s economic performance was not great. But this did not PM Modi’s image in the country. According to the surveys, PM Modi’s popularity has not substantially declined since the 2019 elections.

This might be the result of PM Modi’s charisma. Popularly famous as the “Modi Magic” in the mainstream media.

What is Charisma?

As defined by sociologist Max Weber. Charisma is a certain quality or attribute of an individual personality. He is set apart from ordinary men and treated as endowed with exceptional powers or qualities by charisma.

PM Modi’s record has been exceptional till now. It is because of the 2002 Gujarat violence that allowed him to appear as the Hindu Hriday Samrat. Demonetization was also seen as his determination to fight off corruption.PM Modi has initiated policies not thought of earlier. This included the abolition of article 370 and the making of the Ram temple in Ayodha.

Former PM Indira Gandhi is the only leader who can be compared to PM Modi. Gandhi was the one who “broke Pakistan” in 1971 was. She then decided to carry out the first nuclear test in 1974. Later, she imposed an Emergency which resulted in the sterilization of 11 million people.

Interestingly, Gandhi lost power in 1077. But 1980 was re-elected. It was is less than two years of her losing power. Notably, her son Sanjay Gandhi was the secretary of her party. 

Why Gandhi was not punished for the second time? Why she won the elections again?

It is because Charisma is above accountability. Without a doubt, Gandhi is still seen as a great leader and is famous around the globe. Certainly, PM Modi benefits from the same scheme. Interestingly in both cases, voters were attached to a strong personality.

In 2017, a survey conducted by Pew Centre showed that 55% of the people agreed that a strong leader can take decisions and stand by them. 

Let see why people demand a strong leader?

The demand is related to an acute sense of vulnerability. The same survey ranked the top issues in the country. First, was the growing concern over crime with 84 percent of Indians treating it as a big problem. Second, terrorism with 76 percent of people treating it as the next big concern. Concerns over terrorism were before corruption and unemployment. This concern was in the sink with the idea that ISIS appeared as the main threat to India. About 66 percent of the people saw it as a threat above all others.

People believe a strong leader can protect the country. PM Modi gets advantage of the vulnerability among people.

Moreover, the international dimension plays an important role. Before the global pandemic, PM Modi constantly traveled across the globe. PM Modi made a point of hugging world leaders. He properly showcased his connections globally.

Notably, a few of PM Modi’s achievements have been seen unmatched throughout the globe. Including the commissioning of the statue of Sardar Patel, which is the tallest in the world. Also, the celebration of International Yoga Day. All this attributes to PM Modi’s efforts of promoting the global status for India.

PM Modi’s charisma especially relies on the way that he has embraced “fakiri”. Uniquely his claim reflects his lack of interest in any material belonging to monetary benefits. This lack of interest reflects another dimension of Modi’s charisma. Being in light of the charisma of Mahatma Gandhi. Morris-Jones termed it as “saintly politics”.

Recently, Modi’s photograph taken in the cave of the Himalayas has gained momentum. Also, the fact that he speaks and looks like a guru is valid.

Thus to conclude, we can say that at present PM Modi is above accountability. It is not only because of his strong leadership image but also because of his “guruhood”.

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