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Bhutan officially known as the Kingdom of Bhutan is a landlocked country in the Eastern Himalayas. This is the country that has its own preserved culture. It has the magnificent beauty of nature. From ancient times, it stays away from participation in the world. That’s why we know very little about this country. There are some amazing facts about this country that makes it very different from the others. So here I bring the 9 REASONS WHY BHUTAN IS UNLIKE ANY COUNTRY IN THE WORLD

#1 It is Carbon NEGATIVE

It is the only carbon-negative country in the world. This is a monumental title to hold. untouched landscapes with the sounds of its rich wildlife and flowing rivers. Bhutan’s Constitution has made it mandatory that 60% of its lands be under forest cover at all times, with the current forest cover at 72%. They don’t talk about sustainable development and ecological preservation as future goals as they are already practicing it in full force.

#2 Controlled Tourism in Bhutan

This isn’t something a traveler usually loves hearing. Following the ‘High value, low impact tourism policy, a holiday to Bhutan can be quite expensive. Barring Indian, Bangladeshi, and Maldivian passport holders, any other foreign national is required to pay a fixed minimum daily price of $250 which covers their accommodation, three meals, etc. Some percentage of this fee is contributed to community initiatives, free healthcare, and the right to education. With this minimum fee, Bhutan controls the number of visitors and maintaining a sustainable format of tourism, giving way to less traffic.

#3 Happiness is Tangible

Happiness is Tangible in Bhutan
Credits: Thomas Cook Blog

Bhutan measures the progress by the happiness of citizens. Instead of Gross Domestic Product, it is the Gross Happiness Index that influences policy-making and governance. It is a happy monarchy that fiercely protects its culture and environment, with cautious steps towards development and industrialization. The people sparkle with happiness, and the good vibes are infectious here.

#4 Youngest democracies in the world

4th King wanted to convert Bhutan into a constitutional democracy. He convinced people to vote for their first Parliament in 2008. This royal directive transformation ended the century-old monarchy rule and gave the citizens role in their country’s progress. While the people love their royal family and pictures of the current King adorn the walls of shops, restaurants, and even homes; they now also have a bigger say in governance due to democracy.

#5 No Western influence in Bhutan

Just forty years ago the United Nations hadn’t recognized it as a country. It had never been colonized thus remaining free from western influence. This has largely continued to be the theme. No Dominos, no Baskin Robbins, no supermarkets, no western architecture, no billboards advertising products.

#6 Wearing National Dress during working hours

Credit: Go bhutan Tours

It is necessary for people to wear the traditional dress during work hours and while entering any place of worship. This is due to preserving the Bhutanese culture. Post work hours, one can see the streets with living a bit of western life.

#7 There are no traffic signals

White-gloved policemen are there to regulate traffic in Bhutan. In fact, Thimphu, Bhutan’s capital is the only city in the world to not have a single traffic light. But awareness is still alarmingly low with intoxicated driving, easy handing out of licenses and limited usage of seatbelts being a common occurrence and cause of accidents.

#8 It has some, it lacks some

Since Bhutan is landlocked, it has no oceans. There are no railway trains or networks, no navy, and no airfare in the country. But being the highest country in the world its mountains are a sight to behold with multiple hiking and trekking opportunities. Getting to see elusive peaks like Mt. Everest and Mt. Kanchenjunga close from that angle is another cherished experience that only a trip to Bhutan can offer.

#9 Bhutan has very low crime rates

Buddhism teaches its people to be kind towards one another, their environment, and animals. Hence, this way of life has ensured a very low crime rate in the country. Violent crime reporting is rare.

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