Dragon man discovery left all the people stunned: All you need to know

Chinese archaeologists recently found an ancient skull that could belong to a completely new human species. These ancient human relatives, known as Neanderthals and Homo erectus (Dragon man), may be our closest relatives.

The species known as “Dragon Man” indicates a human group that lived in East Asia for at least 146,000 years. It was first discovered in northeast China in 1933, but it has only recently resurfaced in the minds of experts.

The discovery of Dragon man
Credits: CTV News

Regardless, the researchers asserted that this discovery has the potential to rewrite the storey of human evolution. Furthermore, when compared to regular human skulls, the skull they discovered is enormous. Dragon man, on the other hand, has square eye sockets, heavy brows, a broad mouth, and huge teeth. Furthermore, we do not know enough about Dragon man’s living, but it is substantially built and rugged.

According to reports, a construction worker reported the skull for the first time in 1933. The man was working on a bridge in Heilongjiang province across the Songhua River. Dragon man, on the other hand, has now joined the group of Chinese creatures in terms of discovery. Apparently, there have been numerous discussions recently over this new species, but it is now up to scientists to decide.

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