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Is Lactose intolerance a serious issue in milk industry in India?

India being the forefront country in milk production sector, India should also address the Lactose intolerance issue. This isn’t a disease, Lactose intolerance is a condition. This issue affects everyone from newly born to all age groups.

Milk industry in India

June 1st of every year since 2001 is celebrated as World milk day. In India white revolution basically depends on milk and dairy products. Milk industry has achieved a lot of success throughout and after the milk revolution. They might be

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  • Milk industry of India is the world’s largest milk producer
  • The largest self sustaining industry in India.
  • The largest rural employment sector in India
  • One third of all income from rural sector comes from dairy sector
  • The development in milk output increased into four times the production in 30 years
  • Also doubled the amount of milk available for each person in India.

Lactose intolerance issue in India

What is lactose intolerance? Lactose intolerance is a condition in which lactose present in the food will not digest due to the absence of an enzyme lactase in the body.

Shockingly, the reality in India is that about 60 to 65 percent of Indians have lactose intolerance. Many reasons contribute to lactose intolerance. They may be

  1. Congenitally or from the birth this condition may prevail.
  2. Ageing
  3. Stress
  4. Anxiety
  5. Harmful eating habits
  6. Premature babies
  7. Any disease in intestines
  8. While treating cancer

Lactose intolerance on babies explained

Lactose intolerance
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When babies infected with rotavirus Or other viruses it results in diarrhoea. Because of diarrhoea, the lining of the intestine gets damaged leaving the baby to the conditions of lactose intolerance.

Another scenario is that, babies cannot digest the lactose from the milk because of no less lactase enzyme. Hence the lactose remains in the intestine and results in diarrhoea.

Symptoms for lactose intolerance issue in India

Within 30 minutes to two hours of intake of lactose containing food, the symptoms occur. They may be diarrhoea, nausea with or without vomiting, stomach cramps, gas, etc. when the condition is persistent, consult a doctor immediately.

Diagnosis for lactose intolerance issue

1.Hydrogen breath test

After eating a heavy lactose content food the doctor will measure the amount of hydrogen released by the body. If a large amount of hydrogen is released then the digestion of lactose is low

2.Lactose intolerance test

Two hours after intake of high lactose content food blood test is taken for increase in level of glucose. If there is no change in glucose level, then lactose intolerance is confirmed.

Treatment for lactose intolerance issue in India

The aim of the treatment is to increase the lactase content in body to digest the lactose given. But it will take months to recover. Untill that few precautions can be followed

They are

  • Firstly, avoid milk and dairy products for few months. Then slowly increase the intake
  • Add a lactase enzyme to the milk so that to break the lactose present in it.

Calcium is present in other foods too. They may be

  • Green vegetables and fruit juices especially oranges
  • Sea foods
  • Nuts like cashew, badams, and other dry fruits and nuts etc..

Hence the intake of these foods can be increased


We need calcium and vitamin D throughout our life which is present in Milk and dairy products. The deficiency in calcium may leave us with weak bones and osteoporosis. Deficiency in vitamin D will increase skin related diseases. Hence milk products intake is inevitable and one should not cut out milk intake completely. Hence one with lactose intolerance should plan their diet accordingly so that they don’t miss the nutrition from milk and dairy products

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