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The future of Navy and submarines of India-the AIP technology and P-75i

First of all, India has been given with a new AIP technology which will be the future of Navy and submarine technology of India under the project P-75i. AIP refers to Air independent Propulsion

Tests over the AIP technology of India

Above all, the ministry of defence had alloted an amount of 43000 crores to start implementing the P-75i project. According to P-75i project,the Indian submarines become more effective by AIP during attack times. There are some tests for AIP technology as follows

  • the endurance (ability to withstand wear and tear) and
  • the stealth (cannot be traced by any RADAR and SONAR)

These characteristics will give an upper hand against an opposition ship at times of war and attack.

Explaining the Project P-75i and AIP technology of India

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Particularly, the DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organization) of India has successfully completed the land based prototype test. It was as per the requirements of NMRL (Naval Materials Research Laboratory). In addition, he DRDO performed the endurance test for 14 days and stealth mode test for two days.

This P-75i project comes under the category of Make in India initiative.

History of project P-75i in India

The history dates back to 1997, when the Ministry of Defence approved the project to build 24 submarines. After the Karghil war in 1999,the Cabinet Committee on Security of the approved to a plan. It was a 30 year plan. To enhance the Indian Navy submarines with AIP technology. Also the other major modifications to improve the durability at attack and war times. They planned to collaborate with foreign manufactures to achieve the goal.

Lately, in June 2020, the Indian government shortlisted two Indian firms . They were Larsen & Toubro and Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders. The Indian government also shortlisted many foreign companies to collaborate with selected Indian companies.

Characteristics of the new AIP technology of India over the conventional one.

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The Air propulsion technology will help submarines to run without the support of atmospheric oxygen. This oxygen charges the lead acid batteries for further functioning of the submarine. Also India has now joined with China Germany Sweden France Spain Russia to have the privileged technology in hand.

  1. The fuel cell based AIP is developed as it has higher performance level than the other forms of AIP.
  2. The AIP technology is going to be used with non-nuclear battery run submarines.
  3. This technology has come up to replace the conventional atmosphere dependent propulsion system so that submarines can sustain underwater for so many days as it doesn’t require atmospheric air
  4. The AIP connects to the conventional submarines using hull
  5. AIP is simply a propulsion system which has the capability to replace diesel electric propulsion system which is in use till now in India.


Already many countries of the world have this AIP technology. Many are at the verge of developing it for their country on their own. It is undoubtedly the future of marine and submarine systems. India’s DRDO has recognised and achieved this incredible milestone at the very right time is very commendable. By this step our nation Naval security will strengthen and will give more protection to us.

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