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Madhya Pradesh: Man allegedly throws wife and daughters into a well

Highlight: Allegations against Yadav, he threw his wife and two daughters into a well. This incident took place in Madhya Pradesh. The incident took place on 06.06.2021.

True is the fact that we live in a patriarchal society. Hence, men here get all the privileges. Also, women are subjected to violence and torture. We as a society don’t do anything about it.

A shameful incident took place recently in Madhya Pradesh. Raja Bhaiya Yadav (42 years) resides in Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh.

His wife gave birth to a daughter around three months ago, in her maternal home.

It was on Sunday, he was bringing his two daughters and wife from his in-law’s place. They were traveling from a neighboring district Panna. While returning, he halted his motorcycle near a well in Padoi Village. The man allegedly threw his wife and two daughters in the well. In addition to that, he threw stones at his wife. As he was trying to come out of the well.

In this incident, his twelve-year-old daughter died. Whereas his wife and three-month-old daughter were rescued by the villagers. The villagers reached the spot, hearing the cries.

Sub Inspector Rajendra Singh of Chandla police said that the accused fled after the incident.

On reaching the police station, the woman filed a complaint. Yadav’s wife informed the police that he was angry about giving birth to a daughter. It was their second daughter and he wanted a son. This is what the officials added.

The accused has been charged with the murder of his eight-year-old daughter. He is also charged with an attempt to murder his wife and three-month-old daughter.

At present, a search to nab him is going on.

To conclude, in an era of gender equality such an incident is unacceptable. The demand or the urge to have a son should not end up in a crime like this.

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