Habit vs Addiction

We all have some types of habits and addiction in our day-to-day life. They are either good or bad depending upon what we are taking up as a habit. Habit includes the regular behaviour that becomes harder to give up as long as that behaviour continues. Habit comprises those activities that make our essential routine regular, like bathing, having a meal or going to college, etc. It also comprises of those activities that are not good to happen like getting up late in the morning or sitting in bad posture. This sequence of this behaviour in a continuation manner can become consistent as time passes.

If you do something daily but willingly, then that’s a habit. You do but if not willingly, then it’s Addition.

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What is an addiction?

Addiction is an urge to do a repetitive task that is hard to control. It comprises taking cigarettes, taking alcohol or drugs including weed, hash, cocaine, or heroin. Addiction is powerful and excessive of something which results in negativity. If you are repeatedly consuming its harmful effects that means you are addicted to it. This kind of addiction can harm you according to your intake amount or no. of times you are taking it. This could even result in a person’s death if one takes in an excessive amount that the body couldn’t handle.

Mind is locked up with addiction to many things
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You can have an addiction to someone as well whom you want in your life. Addiction can be of sexual desires too where you couldn’t stop yourself to fulfill them. However, if you have an addiction to something or someone, you couldn’t stop yourself from having that. You will crave to get it and start feeling uncomfortable and anxious until you have it. You will feel difficult to live without it. Once you have it, you will feel like heaven. And slowly and gradually it will become part of your survival.

People with addiction have an intense focus on things such as alcohol or drugs, to the point that it takes over their life.

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Controversial thoughts about addiction

When it comes to addiction, it becomes difficult for people to take decisions because of their dependence on that substance or someone. Addiction is a highly controversial word as people relate it with negativity. There are 5 controversies people use to have about addiction. These are:

Is Addiction a choice or a disease?

As drugs change some of the interactions in the brain’s circuitry, they can lead to long-term side effects and self-destructive behaviors. But others believe that addiction is a choice because nobody forces the person to pick up a joint or a liquor bottle.

Addiction is like a cage
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If you’re addicted, you’re a bad person

The world uses to view addiction as a moral failure, that’s why they call the addict a bad person because an only a bad person suffers it.

SOBER LIVING HOMES -Good or bad thing?

Some people believe that we shouldn’t be sober in this modernization and should at least try things like these to enjoy addicted things in life. Hence, they put peer pressure in their circle. Others saying that they don’t want “those people” living near them. But principles of sober living homes will let you know that these communities are absolutely best for an addict for recovery. The sense of community provides are important factors in successfully transforming from treatment back into main society. Without sober living homes, abusers are much more prone to relapse.

Hit “ROCK BOTTOM” to get help

Rock bottom” happens when a person faces the horrible consequences of addiction like losing a relationship, a home, or job, getting arrested or into accidental activities, or overdosing.  Bottoming out” can help someone seek treatment, though it can be life-threatening, and cause damage that can’t be repaired to suffer further ahead.

Should addicts be punished or treated?

Much of society still wants addicts to be behind bars as they don’t like them. They think that that is where they should belong to. One believes that they are in trouble and they need help to get healed. So there are various rehabilitation centers that help them technically following various procedures if they really want to get healed.

As addiction could ruin the life socially as well as mentally, one can try what they want in their life. But remember not to involve themselves in this trap of addiction.

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