Paras Hospital oxygen case Agra: All you need to know

An alleged halt in oxygen flow that happened in Paras Hospital Agra reported 22 people dead. Since then, there have been many developments in the case. Due to this, a probe has been set up to investigate the matter. As per the reports, there were 96 patients that needed continuous oxygen then.

A Social Media Video

The whole matter went upside down when a video surfaced on social media. It allegedly said that the supply cut was intentional.

In the video, Dr. Jain can be overheard saying that they experimented that who can survive on lesser oxygen. This alleged experiment actually reduced the count of patients in the hospital from 96 to 74. He further said in the video that he made sure that all the patients are explained that the shortage may be dangerous for their patients. So please take them somewhere else. But no one agreed to do so.  

However, Paras Hospital owner Dr. Arinjay Jain gave a statement that his mere use of the wrong word ‘Mock Drill’ is being taken in the wrong context and the video is from the wrong date. This video belonged to the time when Uttar Pradesh was going through a critical oxygen crisis which they dealt with after numerous sleepless nights.

And they merely adjusted the flow of the oxygen to see the minimum oxygen needed for each patient. And in all this, the oxygen was never turned off. Prabhu Narain Singh the district magistrate of Agra has assured that an investigation that will release all the facts is still underway. As reported by The Indian Express

Latest Orders In Case

However, the Chief Medical Officer of Agra has ordered to seal Paras Hospital yesterday. Due to this order, 55 patients are to be shifted to other hospitals. So that the investigation does not hinder the care of the patients. As the administration is still verifying facts.

Let’s hope that the sealing of such a prominent hospital of Agra does not affect the covid situation of Agra. As the second wave of Covid- 19 has not yet ended.  

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