“Mona Lisa”: Alien High Priest Hidden In Da Vinci’s painting.

The painting ‘Mona Lisa’ made by Leonardo da Vinci. This masterpiece provides proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life.

Leonardo da Vinci.

He was a painter, architect, inventor and student of all things scientific. Da Vinci is best known for his artworks. The two world-famous Masterpieces he made is Mona Lisa and The Last supper.

He has written lots of notebooks. To notebooks include inventions observations and theories about aeronautics to anatomy. Concepts explained in his notebook are difficult to interpret.

Da Vinci hiding secret messages.

Leonardo da Vinci often used codes and encryption in his paintings. Leonardo painted secret symbols and messages into his artwork.

People have analyse his Masterpiece, Mona Lisa. They found all kinds of hidden meanings and techniques in it. He has used the best artist’s trick to create the painting. Many people find the portrait’s smile haunting. People also say that the smile seems to change.

Mona Lisa: Alien high priest hidden!

credit : The sun

Paranormal crucible website claims to have spotted a hidden alien in the artwork. Also identifying its facial features, headdress, cloak and hands. By conducting studies on other Da Vinci’s paintings, They also provide proof of the existence of extraterrestrial life. These include ‘the last supper ’ and ‘St John Baptist ’.

credit : wikipedia

 Furthermore, Researchers claims that Mona Lisa is made to hide historical and religious facts regarding extraterrestrial presence.

Scott c waring, who runs the UFO sightings Daily website. He is also an alien conspiracy theorist. He claims that Da Vinci was a member of the outer-world species. Moreover, Da Vinci has extraordinary creative range, a very high intellectual ability which he uses to accomplish quite a bit.

Waring observes that Da Vinci other than painting was renowned in different fields. Furthermore, the fields include

Civil engineering, Chemistry, geology, geometry, hydrodynamics mathematics, mechanical engineering, optics, physics, Zoology and pyrotechnics. There are rarely genius people who are great in all areas like Da Vinci. Which is very unusual.

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