Too much positivity is turning into toxic positivity in Covid-19

All because of this Covid-19 pandemic, the fall in the economy, loss of jobs, salary cuts, deaths, and illness are everywhere. Despite all this, people try to feed in our brain to be “positive”. There is a couple of advice given by people to maintain positivity. Some of them include – “There’s light at the end of the tunnel”, “Nothing lasts forever”, “What goes down has to go up”, “Change is the only constant”, and bundles more.

How one has to respond or react – when you told to hand in your resignation? Because the organization you work for is taking cost-cutting measures? Or your salary is reduced? Or that your close relative has just died due to this pandemic? Be optimistic about all these things? But the bitter truth is – It is next to impossible. The reason being either you need to be some angel or some insane being that you stay unaffected.

How does an ordinary man deal with all the positivity bias teachings, look good in everything, and not feel low key like stuff is taught?


According to a study, psychologists are researching “noxious positivity”. This study deals with all the extreme levels of positivity you are pelted up with to remain positive even in most lousy conditions. Thereby, affecting your mental health a lot.

Reason being, most people vigorously giving a rich diet of positivity and a bright future to their brains. Hence, quelling their negative thoughts and not being honest with themselves.

Of course, we need to fertilize our positive outlook in life but at the same time need not overdo it. Sometimes, it is good to let your trepidation, bitterness find their way in healthy form. Due to this, you will be easily casting out all your negativity and thus making a room for an optimistic outlook on life and elevating your thoughts of hope.


You are a human being, not a robot. Thus, no one can be positive 24*7. You are not prearranged to have a smiling face always. All in all, negative emotions should not empower in an unhealthy way to oneself and others. 

Here comes the role of all “Spiritual leaders” and “gurus”. They need to indicate ways by which negativity that pops up during sad times. Additionally, they are allowed to be expressed in positive ways, thus, making the way for non-toxic positivity to seep in. Lately, the positivity that is being forced by leaders on social media is turning into “toxic positivity” which in turn left with guilt to feel negative. Hence, transforming into the fear of death.

This really needs to be addressed soon!

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