The 5th generation mobile network: 5G Impact on health and environment

The world gets ready to welcome the network-intensive 5G. Now the world is gearing up for 50 times faster 5G. So, here we discuss the 5G Impact on Health and Environment.

Earlier generations came up with the first cell phone (1G) text messaging( 2G) online capability (3G)and fastest speed( 4G). Now 5G promise to increase the speed of data movement. Be more responsive allow greater connectivity. Hardware that 5G will use works with much higher frequencies. This also includes Small cell, MIMO ( multiple input multiple output). Many devices potential will increase due to this new technology. Also devices being developed for the future.

5G impact on the environment

The new technology and devices related to 5G pose a danger to the delicate ecosystem. The main element affecting the earth ecosystem is millimetre waves. The millimetre waves is link to many disturbance in the environment. Like disruption in ecosystem of birds.

Also, bees are vital part of the earth’s ecosystem. Around one third of the food produced today rely on bees for pollination. Radiation from 5G damaged the navigational skill of worker bees. They stop returning to the original hives after about 10 days.

Furthermore, All ecosystems of the earth interconnect with each other. If one component of the ecosystem damage’s the whole system will get the effect. In 5G small cell Radio tower-like devices are necessary. For getting high-quality connection for users.

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Moreover, these millimetre waves in the form of a small cell can increase radiation. This will cause wider exposure to bees and birds. Also to other species in our environment. Even it will affect insect behaviour and heat absorption.

However, Trees will be cut down as they block 5G signals. More space is required for new transmitter antennas in 5G signal.

Impact on Human Health

(IARC) WHO’s international agency for research on cancer explained the effect of radiation. The RF-EMF radiations ( from 30 kilohertz to 300 gigahertz). It affects humans and rats. And has the potential to cause cancer in humans.

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 Similarly, scientists have connect at least 20 ailments. It includes heart diseases, type-2 diabetes and mental issues. Like anxiety, depression, and suicidal tendencies. “Our biological systems are not adapted to artificial electromagnetic radiations. radiation also damages metabolism” says Paul Heroux. He says, adding that children are particularly at risk to it’s effects.

US scientist made an appeal to the UN Secretary General ,WHO and all UN member Nations. To deploy 5G only after evaluating its health impacts.

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