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PM Modi: India’s takes on the three-day G7 Summit

Highlight: The UK is the host country for G7 Summit 2021. It invited India, Australia, South Korea, and South Africa as guest countries. PM Modi attended the event virtually.

PM Modi spoke at a special outreach session organized for guest countries. It was on the topic of Open Societies and Open Economies. PM Modi emphasized the fact that India is a natural ally to work with the world’s richest G7 countries. The ally is to fight against the threats of authoritarianism.

Indian officials are of the view that the country’s participation speaks in itself. The understanding is that the key resolution of the global crisis cannot be met without India’s involvement and participation.

The officials also added that India will remain engaged with G7 and its partners on major global issues. They will work towards vaccine drive, diversification of supply chains, building a better economy, and climate actions.

 Moreover, PM Modi was a leading speaker at the outreach session. He highlighted the fact that India is the largest democracy in the world so is a natural ally for the G7 Summit and guest countries. Furthermore, he spoke about India’s commitment to democracy, freedom of thought, and liberty.

Hence, India will defend these values from a host of threats emerging from various factors. It included authoritarianism, terrorism, and violent extremism, disinformation, and infodemics, and economic coercion.

PM Modi while emphasizing the impact of digital technologies. He spoke about Aadhaar, DBT, and JAM. To illustrate, DBT stands for direct- benefit-transfer, and JAM stands for Jan Dhan-Aadhaar-Mobile. Likewise, he pointed to the vulnerabilities inherent in open societies. He insisted that the tech companies and social media platforms should ensure a safe environment for their users.

According to P Harish, an additional secretary in the external affairs ministry said that PM’s views were highly appreciated by other leaders.

Pic Credits: Business Standard

The highlights of the discussion:

•        Emphasize to the commitment to a free, open, inclusive, and rule-based Indo-Pacific.

•        A strong pitch to reform the multilateral system. It will be based on openness, democracy, transparency, and inclusion.

•      India is the only G20 state to meet its Paris Accord Commitments. The action on climate change for developing countries to grow will include all aspects. Namely, mitigation, technology transfer, financing, climate justice, and lifestyle change.

•       PM Modi gave the mantra of “One Earth, One health”. It says to adopt a united approach to the pandemic and future health emergencies.

The UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson invited PM Modi to the G7 Summit. It is because of the pandemic that Modi did not attend the summit in person. The chosen theme for G7 Summit 2021 was “build black better”. It is because of the impact of the pandemic over the past 18 months.

In a concluding statement, Harish stated that India’s shared values make the country a natural partner for the G7.

To sum up, a focus on equitable and affordable access to vaccines in all parts of the world is needed. Also, the G7 pledged to donate an additional one billion doses of COVID-19 Vaccine. The set target is by 2022.

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