Top 5 Upcoming Features in WhatsApp You Should be Excited About

We could see a few more exciting upcoming features in WhatsApp. One of the most widely-used instant messaging apps, WhatsApp, will be adding a couple of more new features soon. The Facebook-owned messaging app has confirmed a few new features in the app while others are leaked from various online sources.

So, without further ado, let’s see the top 5 upcoming features in WhatsApp that are coming soon:

Disappearing Message           

Currently, WhatsApp already the feature of Disappearing messages on the app. However, to enable it, you need to go to every single chat conversation, which is a bummer.

As per a recent interview with WaBetaInfo, Facebook’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg has confirmed that WhatsApp will get a new ‘Disappearing mode’ feature that will enable disappearing messages across all conversations.

However, it is unsure whether the company will allow us to set the timer for messages or not.

Multiple Device Support

Multiple device support is one of the most-awaited upcoming features of WhatsApp. The company has been testing this feature for quite a long-time now.

But now, it has confirmed the feature coming to WhatsApp very soon. According to a recent report by WaBetaInfo, the company will be giving away to test the feature for public beta “in the next month or two.

You must note that the multiple device support will not compromise the end-to-end encryption for all persona chats, confirmed Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg.

View Once Feature

So, apart from all the above-mentioned upcoming features in WhatsApp, there is one feature that should be useful for many. It is called ‘View once’.

So, with this feature, you can let other users of WhatsApp see the media files ‘only once.’ After they’ve seen the media files once, they will not be accessible by them. How cool is that, isn’t it? Now, if you recall, this will be similar to Instagram’s disappearing photo or video feature.

The ‘View once’ feature won’t be automatically turned on in WhatsApp.

Missed Group Calls

Do your friends or families make group calls to you more often? Well, if yes, then there is an upcoming feature in WhatsApp that will be useful for you.

According to this feature, you will be able to join WhatsApp group calls if you’ve missed them in the first place. It means if someone has made a call to you and you’ve unavailable at that moment, you will get the option to join later if the call hasn’t been hanged.

If I recall properly, this feature was first spotted on a beta version of Android last year.

WhatsApp Read Later

Are you someone who gets irritated with frequent messages by your friends to whom you’ve archived? Well, this new feature will be very useful for you.

So, according to a recent leak by WaBetaInfo, the Facebook-owned messaging app is testing this feature called ‘Read later.’ As per this feature, if you have archived a chat, and you receive a message from the person, it won’t pop up on the top of the chats.

Currently, if you’ve archived a chat and a person texts you, it will appear back on your main chat treads, which is annoying sometimes. So, WhatsApp will be fixing this issue with this upcoming feature.

Conclusion: Upcoming Features in WhatsApp

So, these are all the upcoming features in WhatsApp you should see in the coming weeks or months. Do let us know in the comments section which feature are you most excited about?

And also do share the article with your friends and families using WhatsApp.

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