Remote Working Model: Many companies are thinking to shift permanently

Many businesses and corporations have given their employees the option of remote working from home. After September, the companies gave the option to their employees to do remote work permanently. Moreover, they are open to work from the office as well if they are willing to do so.

Large corporations such as Google, Facebook, SAP, and Accenture are thinking to allow their employees to work remotely. Furthermore, even as the vaccination rate rises, they are allowing employees to work from home. If the lockdown is lifted across the country they can even work remotely.

Remote Working Model
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Despite this, a number of businesses are preparing preparations for how staff will return to work. There is also a slew of advantages available to businesses. Remote working, for example, is the ideal example of cost savings and minimising the negative impact on operations.

Furthermore, according to a recent SAP poll, over 80% of employees desire to blend remote work with some time in the office. According to a poll performed by Accenture, 83 per cent of employees prefer a hybrid work structure that allows them to work remotely 25-75 per cent of the time.

As a result, businesses are seriously considering transitioning to a remote working model as soon as possible. Furthermore, a recent analysis by CBRE, a global real estate consulting firm, indicates that feasible medium-term real estate savings owing to hybrid or remote working might reach one-third of market projections.

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