The Gaganyaan mission and the delay due to pandemic

Gaganyaan mission is the first crewed mission of ISRO, where all the 3 orbital test flights planned has met a delay due to pandemic. Gaganyaan mission has been planned to carry 3 crew members in it and to orbit the earth for maximum of seven days. 

Words on Gaganyaan mission and delay due to pandemic by our Finance minister

  • Gaganyaan is the first crewed mission of ISRO
  • Russia trains Indian astronauts.
  • There is delay in first orbital test flight.

It was by December 2021 due to pandemic situation. It was originally planned on December 2020, she added.

The delay of Gaganyaan mission due to pandemic

ISRO planned its two unmanned launches at December 2020 and June 2021 respectively.

They also planned the crewed mission by the month of December 2021.The 75th year of Indian independence falls on the year 2022 . ISRO wanted to celebrate this with Gaganyaan crewed launch.

But the work delayed due to pandemic. And the process also delayed such that by December 2021 ISRO will positively launch the first orbital flight by December 2021.

Not only Gaganyaan , there is delay in Chandrayan 3, planned by December 2020.

Important facts one should know on Gaganyaan mission

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  1. Gaganyaan project started in 2006 with the name Orbital Vehicle under the Indian Human Spaceflight Programme. It was planned to have 2 crew members and was sanctioned by the Indian Government in February 2009.
  2. But due to lot of problems in funding and other issues, the project delayed for a decade. Lastly PM Narendra Modi gave approval to the latest design of Gaganyaan and announced the it as India’s mission on 2018 August 15.
  3. ISRO is trying to use green propellant for this mission
  4. A ground station for Gaganyaan in Cocos Island, is on talk with Australian Space Agency.
  5. In the three manned crew there will be a women astronaut.

More about Gaganyaan mission

  1. It has 5.3 ton of crew module in which the crew and the life support, environmental support etc. is present. The 2.9 ton service module will have all the essential needs including oxygen, fuel system etc.. Together they weigh 8.2 tonnes.
  2. Vyommitra is a robot that will assist the crew in warning about any threats to life support or environmental support of the crew members.
  3. India has successfully developed
  4. Re-entry space capsule
  5. Pad abort test
  6. Safe crew ejection mechanism
  7. GSLV-MkIII launch vehicle to ensure the safety of crew inside


A 10000 crore worth project is on a very slow pace due to pandemic. It is a very big milestone in India’s history in space. India will join the elite club of countries who have already sent humans on space. More International collaborations will become possible in India. India is gradually growing in all sectors especially in space, which is a very good sign.

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