Union Minister Jitendra Singh: PM Modi is an outstanding example of a person with a scientific temper

PM Modi is one of the most outstanding examples of a person with a Scientific Temper. Union Minister of State Science and Technology Jitendra Singh quoted on Monday.

The Union Minister was at an inaugural ceremony of a science promotion event organized by a non-profit organization Vijnana Bharati. He was addressing the importance of scientific temper over scientific qualification. It was during his address the Union Minister stated PM Modi as an example. He also added that Mahatma Gandhi’s ahimsa was silent biological warfare.

While elaborating on scientific temper during modern times, one of the finest examples around us is none other than PM Modi.

Singh gave an example where PM Modi displayed his sense of scientific temper. And that paved the way for the installation of a solar plant at the Katra railway station in Jammu and Kashmir.

Dated 26th May 2014, PM Modi took oath as the Prime Minister of India. Around the same time, the department of science and technology submitted a proposal to the PM. The request for the inauguration of Katra Vaishno Devi’s railway station.

Keeping the request, PM Modi made plans to visit the station and inaugurate it.

The moment PM Modi’s helicopter landed, the very first thing he mentioned was that this place has beautiful sunshine, why don’t we have a solar panel here?

And the scientists around him quickly picked up the hint. As a result, we now have the country’s first railway station fed on solar power.

 Union Minister on Non-Violence – a silent biological warfare

Singh emphasized that one need not be a student or scholar of science to use the subject feasibly. What is more important for an individual is to be a practitioner of science.

Mahatma Gandhi is a remarkable example of a person who practiced scientific strategies. Gandhi was a student of law but is an outstanding example of a practitioner of scientific temper.

Simplifying the concepts for better understanding, Singh quoted a brilliant example. Gandhi’s concept of ahimsa (non-violence), can be considered as silent biological warfare.

The silent warfare was against the foreign rulers, trying to use the ammunition of violence to suppress us Indians. So, Mahatma Gandhi used ahimsa as a scientific tool for biological warfare. As a result of which India got its Independence.

 Singh pointed out that science aims to bring ease of living for everyone. To achieve that inputs from non-scientific planners are also needed.

Hosabale once said,” …I did not appear for any exam because that was not my purpose”.

Hence, it is the scientific temper that is more important than scientific qualification or knowledge. Also, one of the challenges before India is that the use of scientific knowledge remains limited to an award or degree. And in some cases for a job or livelihood and may not achieve real scientific supremacy.

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