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Yet another slapping incident has been reported in Panipat

Yet another slapping incident is seen in Panipat, Haryana. I believe no one has forgotten the Lucknow slapping incident till now. However, similar incident have been seen in Panipat. Here, a woman is seen slapping a car driver. Again, the video is making rounds on every social media.

This incident happened on Friday in Shera village in Panipat. The reason for this incident is apparently because the car driver was not giving a pass to the woman driving scooty. Seeing this, the woman lost her cool and started slapping the car driver. According to HindiNews18, the woman slapped the driver almost 9 times. Despite this, she then started hitting the driver with the cricket bat.  

This incident lasted approximately 30-45 minutes. The car driver then dialled 112 for assistance. The driver, on the other hand, requested that the police file an FIR against the woman. Women, it appears, have also filed a complaint against the driver. Apparently, the woman claimed that the car driver was following her.

The police station has been notified of the event. Furthermore, the station’s SHO stated that they are investigating and that whoever is found responsible will be punished. The police, on the other hand, have viewed the video of the woman striking the driver. Let’s see what steps the cops take.

Is this how the women are taking advantage of their rights? Is this the trend now? Commit one mistake (guilty or not) and you will be rewarded with millions of slaps in return. What are your thoughts in this regard?

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