Burari deaths: A Result Of Group Psychosis Or Badh Tapasya?

The Burari Deaths case that remained in headlines in 2018 is again in the news as Netflix releases a documentary named The House Of Secrets: The Burari Deaths.

Regardless of the investigation, the deaths remain a mystery.

What Exactly Was The Burari Case?

It is the case of the Bhatia family that lived in Burari, Old Delhi. 

One morning, 11 members of the family living in that house committed suicide.

Ten members hung themselves with colorful dupattas, while, one was strangled.

The only member that survived was their dog that was purposely left on the terrace.

It was a clear case of mass suicide, with the motive of achieving salvation.

 What Role Did Badh Tapasya Play In The Burari Case?

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During this incident, the media didn’t spare a chance to worsen the condition.

Owing to this, a serious situation like this became a source of entertainment.

Several conclusions were derived- many said that they were into Badh Tapasya, which means worshipping the Banyan tree.

They believed that this will please God and help them attain salvation.

Each one of them had a diary that had every minute detail.

They were trying to mimic the banyan tree while hanging themselves.

The Reason Behind The Burari Case :Group Psychosis

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The police ruled out any chance of murder and stated that the family was a victim of “shared psychotic disorder”.

Shared Psychotic Disorder is one wherein two or more individuals share the same delusional belief owing to their sentiments regarding the delusional person.

Though a rare disorder, it seems to be a reason in The Burari Case.

In the Bhatia family, Lalit was a delusional person and the other family members followed him blindly.

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