Impact of Long Working Hours on Our Heart

The global pandemic resulted in a new normal. People started working from home. The working hours increased. Do the long working hours harm our heart health?

The WHO (World Health Organization) conducted research in May 2021. Which states that long working hours resulted in increased deaths caused due to heart problems. Also, the data by the WHO and the International Labor Organization (ILO) says that the long working hours have resulted in 7, 45,000 deaths due to heart issues. This data was collected in 2016 and was published in Environment International.

The situation has become worse during the pandemic. It is because of the remote working that people are spending long hours in front of the screen.

According to the report by WHO and ILO found that the work-related burden is significant in men. Around 72 percent of deaths. It is among people living in Western Pacific and South-East Asia regions.

Furthermore, the deaths recorded were among people aged 60-79 years. And, the working hours have been around 55 years or more.

Dr. Kumar Narayanan, who is a renowned cardiac electrophysiologist at Medicover Hospitals in Hyderabad. Mentioned the connection between mental stress and heart disease is well established. Not only working hours are long but also stress at work has increased exponentially. Also, the work timing is unhealthy, which extends into odd hours. It is because people across time zones in a globally connected world. This results in harmful stress combined with an unhealthy diet and inadequate sleep.

Patients with pre-existing cardiovascular diseases (heart failure) have increased mortality rates. Especially in older patients.

To avoid heart problems some lifestyle changes are:

According to Dr. R K Jaswal, director and HOD, Cardiology at Fortis Hospital Mohali the changes are:

•        First, avoiding junk and fast food. Having a healthy diet.

•        Second, regular exercise or workout.

•        Third, avoiding or abstaining from the intake of alcohol/ tobacco.

Leading a healthy lifestyle and being active are two things that can help us have good health. Avoid taking the stress and your heart will thank you for that.

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