12 highest-paid tech CEOs in the US

The Wall Street Journal magazine recently published the list of 12 highest-paid CEOs of the top 500 companies. Also, the publication included the median pay of employees and how much raise they got.

Although, the list includes the biggest companies’ top executives. Hence, here are the top 12 highest-paid CEOs of the tech companies:

1/12 Chad Richison: $211 million.

Chad Richcom is the CEO of Paycom. Also, he is a provider of cloud-based human capital management software. Since he is the highest-paid CEO among all with an annual salary of $211 million.

2/12 Robert Kotick: $154.6 million

Robert Kotick is the CEO of Activision. It is one of the amazing game development studios. Kotick earned $154.6 million in compensation, hence being 2nd highest-paid CEO.

3/12 Shantanu Narayen: $45.8 million.

Adobe’s CEO Shantanu Narayen is the third-highest paid CEO on the list. Adobe is a multinational computer software company. His annual salary is $45.8 million.

4/12 Brian Roberts: $32.7 million

Comcast is one of the US’ biggest telecom and entertainment companies. Its CEO, Brian being the 4th highest paid CEO earned $32.7 million in annual compensation.

5/12 Lisa T Su: $27.1 Million

AMD is one of the biggest chip-making companies in the world. The company’s CEO since being the 5th highest paid CEO earned $27.1 million as an annual salary.

6. Steve Mollenkopf: $25.9 millions

Qualcomm makes processors for Android phones and is one of the biggest tech companies in the world. Steve Mollenkopf, CEO of, Qualcomm is the 6th highest paid CEO. He earned $25.9 million as an annual salary.

7. Mark Benioff: $25.7 million

Salesforce is a cloud-based software company. It provides customer relationship management service and marketing automation, analytics, and application development. Since Salesforce CEO is the 7th highest-paid CEO, he earned $25.7 million in compensation.

8. Mark Zuckerberg: $25.2 million

Mark Zukerberg, one of the 12th highest paid teach CEOs
Credits: USA Today

Mark Zuckerberg heads one of the biggest tech and social networking companies in the world i.e., Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, etc. Since he is the 8th highest-paid CEO, he took home $25.2 million in salary.

9/12 William Mcdermott: $25.1 million

Servicenow is a US-based software company developing cloud computing platforms. Its CEO William McDermott, since being 9th highest earner CEO took home $25.1 million in salary.

10/12 Daniel Schulam: $23.3 million

PayPal is a company operating an online payments system that supports online money transfers. Since its CEO Daniel Schulam is the 10th higher earner CEO with an annual salary is $23.3 million.

11/12 Charles Robbins: $23.1 million

Charles Robbins, one of the 12 highest paid teach CEOs
Credits: Channel daily news

Cisco manufactures and sells networking hardware, software, telecommunications equipment, and other high-technology services and its products. Cisco CEO Charles Robbins earned $23.1 million in salary and hence the 11th highest-paid CEO.

12/12 Gregory Brown: $23.04 million

Motorola Solutions is a data communications and telecommunications equipment provider company that succeeded Motorola. Its CEO Gregory Brown took home $23.04 million in salary and hence, the 12th highest-paid CEO.

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