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7 ideas one shouldn’t miss while visiting Orphanage

Family is a precious gift by God but unluckily, some kids are not blessed with this. A place called Orphanage, where children from different backgrounds come together to live without their family.
Every one of us wants to help the orphans but doesn’t know how?
So, don’t worry we are here with some amazing ideas one should not miss to include while planning to visit an Orphanage.

The hunger for love is more difficult to remove, than the hunger for bread”

Mother Teresa.

Give them the biggest blessing- Adoption

Adoption is the most basic need and the best gift for these children. All they want is a family with whom they can feel closeness, togetherness, kindness, and most important love.

Give them a box of love

Everyone gets happiest especially children if we ask them about gifts. They are fond of gifts. We should give them something which gives value to their existence. You can surprise them by sending sweets, chocolates, or notebooks.

Give them a box of love in Orphanage
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Spend a day in Orphanage

Spending a day in an orphanage can change your life’s perception. The kids have so much to discuss and are living in the moment with each one of us. We should also consider these kids as family members. It taught us the true meaning of caring and sharing. It made us realize self-motivation in life. They are always ready to welcome us wholeheartedly. Nothing can satisfy a person more than bringing a smile on the face to these kids. Even a small contribution can make big differences.

Be a volunteer at orphanages

This is the best thing one can do for these innocent ones. Providing them healthy food and make them feel special about their presence. Life can be different as well difficult in the orphanage which eventually changes the kid’s behavior from childhood. Talking to them can be good therapy. Working as a volunteer is something which can provide you real satisfaction. It can make you realize how beautiful it is to help someone.

Educate girls about menstrual hygiene in Orphanage

It is the most sensitive part of a girl’s life where she needs guidance. But in orphanages, no one gives them any prior guidance about it. It is very important to make them aware of what this cycle is all about. We should organize a Menstrual Hygiene session for them with a doctor that covers basic topics regarding personal hygiene. This can help them to know more about changes in their bodies. We should also provide sanitary pads to girls.

Organize camps in Orphanage

We can organize camps for them like summer camps, health camps, and educational camps. The camp can be a great effort that can evolve building up understanding in the kids. They will learn new things in these camps. We should also organize vaccine camps so that they make them aware of many diseases. Summer camps should be organized for their fun and enjoyment.

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Providing them health facilities

Health is the core requirement when it comes to unprivileged children. Children of orphanages usually suffer from malnutrition leading to bad health. Taking care of it is essential. At least once every month, every orphanage child requires a doctor for a check-up and gives them free medicines. As orphanages are not neat and clean, so they are more prone to diseases. Also, they have less access to health facilities. So, if we are providing health facilities, it will be like a blessing to them.

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