H&M Releases First-Ever 100% Recycled Swimwear

The Swedish fast-fashion giant, H&M, unveiling a first-ever recycled swimwear collection which includes 85% recycled polyester.

The fashion retailer has teamed up with surfwear brand Women + Waves to develop a swimwear collection that features sustainable materials.

This collection includes bandeaus, curved shorts, and off-the-shoulder silhouettes. Here, you have the best of the best in contrast to other types of clothing.

The fabric (polyester) used in this swimwear is a blend of pre-consumer recycled polyester. It, moreover, have post-consumer waste from recycled plastic bottles.

The above collection will be available not only in-stores but also online come June 2021.

Ms Maria Stblom, Head of Design, expressed her pride and happiness at the great initiative taken by their brand.

Which is completely eco-friendly, and by doing so H&M continues stretching the boundaries of sustainable fashion.


According to Public Radio International [PRI], H&M partners with global recycling company I: CO, which collects donated clothing from its 4,500 H&M stores and sends it to sorting plants.

The majority of H&M’s clothing is re-worn, such as vintage and second-hand clothing, explains Catarina Midby, sustainability manager at H&M UK and Ireland.

Apparently, when it comes to recycling the fabrics, only 5-10% conversion takes place. Moreover, we can make new clothes out of them.

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