G7 Nations Ask Afghan Parties To Establish An Inclusive Government

Ever since the Taliban started its conquest of Afghanistan, chaos has been prevalent in the region as well as the rest of the world. Seeing the situation, the G7 Nations met virtually on Tuesday to discuss the Afghan crisis. Later, they released a joint statement to the press. In this, they asked the different political parties in Afghanistan to step forward and make an inclusive government. This government shall be a representative of the people of Afghanistan as well as the previous democratic government. The G7 nations also seek that the government should have a proper representation from the women and the minority groups!

The leaders promised the world that they are all set to fight terrorism together with solidarity.

They, in their joint statement, released mentioned that they will ensure Afghanistan does not become a haven for terrorism. In addition to this, the G7 Nations also mentioned that the next government in Afghanistan must protect the people of Afghanistan from terrorism, instead of putting them through it!

The G7 Nation mentioned their commitment towards ensuring that the human rights of all the people of Afghanistan including women, children, and ethnic and religious minorities are safe! Therefore, the future Afghan Government must adhere to the international norms of human rights while making sure that they fight against terrorism as well!

Further, the G7 Nations called on all the political parties of Afghanistan.

They asked the parties to come forward and step into this situation of crisis. They urged the parties to work in good faith. Thereby set up an inclusive and representative government of the people of Afghanistan. They asked the parties to form a new government and prevent the Afghan land from being misused by terrorism!

Prioritizing safe evacuation to foreign nationals, the leaders said that the Afghan refugee situation should also be taken care of! The G7 Nations had officially met to discuss the Afghan situation on Tuesday. The G7 is an intergovernmental political group. It consists of nations comprising UK, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, and Japan. The US president Joe Biden addressed the meeting on Tuesday. However, the other world leaders could not sway Joe Biden into delaying the withdrawal of the US Army from Afghanistan! Hence, the US Army shall exit the Afghan territories by 31st August!

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