Geoglyphs in Peru: Nasca lines are Peru’s greatest mysteries.

Peru is famous for series of ancient Geoglyphs called the “Nazca Lines ”.

It is considered a World Heritage site in the Nazca desert.

Geoglyphs are located in the arid coastal area of Peru. Also, The Nazca lines also spelled Nasca. Cover an estimated 170 Square miles. The total geoglyphs found there are over 800 straight lines. 300 geomagnetic figures.70 animal and plant designs. The animals include killer whale, monkey, lizard, Hummingbird, spider. It also has it  geometric motifs such as wave lines, Triangles, spirals, and rectangles.

The age of these Geoglyphs

Most of the lines date from 200 BC to 500 AD the time when Nazca inhabited the region. The earliest line made dated as far back as 500 BC. Created with piled-up stones.

Who made them?

Nazca civilization was a prehistoric culture. These people were successful in using engineering techniques. They use these techniques to bring groundwater to the surface for irrigation. Some of the theories on the purpose of these lines show the relation with the need for water.

Toribio Mejia Xesspe Peruvian archaeologists first discovered the geoglyphs. He studied and reported the Nazca lines after coming across them in 1927. When traffic in the area increased in 1930, the lines became better known. It started attracting the tourist.

furthermore, there is a myth that geoglyphs can only be seen from the air. However, a 2007 study found that every geoglyph is visible from the ground.

Theories and Importance

Lots of research are happning on Nazca lines. Also It still remains a matter of suspicion. The Nazca culture was prehistoric. They left no written records.

The idea of heaven is link with the lines. They also represent constellations in the night sky.

skull of Nazca people.
Credit: History

pilgrimage is also link with the idea of lines. As one walking across them to reach a sacred place.

The need of water also has a connection with the lines. As water is important and hard to get in the desert. This may hold some importance in water-based rituals.

Asian Astronaut theorists believe that geoglyphs have an extraterrestrial connection. The Nazca people in this region created these gigantic figures in tribute to the God who visited them. Nearly 2000 years ago the area was deserted.

In the research, it came out that Nazca people have unusually elongated skulls. Ancient astronaut theorist believes that these people were in contact with “Sky people”.

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