Haunted places: One should definitely visit these so-called places

What a lovely moniker to give our monuments: haunted places. Many people claim to have experienced paranormal activity in such locations. On the contrary, I believe that there is no such thing as “paranormal activity”. It’s simply a fear of darkness, not of any ghost.

Well, I’ll discuss a few of the most haunted, or should I say “so-called haunted” places to visit. I recommend that you all visit these locations as either “Haunted” or as “our jaw-dropping historical monuments”, it’s your choice.

Few so-called haunted places

Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan

Most haunted place of India, Bhangarh fort
Credits: Indian travel vlog

According to some rumours, this place is the most haunted place in India. Many persons went missing here, according to rumours. As a result, many people became interested in visiting this location. On the contrary, I recommend going to this location with a pleasant attitude and appreciating the beauty of our historical landmarks. Moreover, this place has totally different vibes (Not creepy of course).

Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

 When it comes to rumours regarding this location, many claims that it is haunted by the ghosts of deceased soldiers. Apparently, Nizams’ fighting grounds exist beneath this city. As a result, residents believe that the spirits of fallen combat troops keep haunting this place.

Dumas beech, Gujarat

Dumas beech, Gujarat
Credits: Native Planet

A Hindu cremation place is in Gujarat. However, it appears that many people have made this location haunted. Many people claim to have heard weird voices late at night. Furthermore, paranormal activity is at its greatest at night.

Kuldhara Village, Rajasthan

Kuldhara Village
Credits: The financial express

I think that if someplace have bad history then you cannot say or claim that this place is haunted. Being haunted and having a shady past are not the same thing. I would advise going to this location and feeling and thinking about what drove those unfortunate individuals to flee their houses for the night. The essence of this place’s history is that Salum Singh, the dewan of this area, used to extort large sums of money from the locals. Furthermore, the dewan desired to marry a community girl but the community rejected it. As a result, the dewan warned that the community should expect dire consequences. Hence, all the people left their homes overnight and cursed that no one ever can live in this place. Since then this place is deserted.

Personal thoughts

These, I believe, are rumours and so-called stories. They could be true or false. However, you should all go to these places, not because they are haunted, but because they are wonderful monuments. Every location has its own distinct sensations and atmosphere. Consider the past and how people suffered and went about their daily lives. There is no such thing as a haunted house or a frightening house. The story is what makes a location haunted or spooky.

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