Mahalaya: The Mythology Behind Its Celebration

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Devotees celebrate Mahalaya in the states of Karnataka, Tripura, Odisha, West Bengal every year.

The week before Durga Pooja and on the last day we celebrate Pitru Paksha. Pitru Paksha people remember their ancestors and pay their respects to them.

Why And How We Celebrate Mahalaya?

 On this day, the Trinity: Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver, and Maheshwar the destroyer created Goddess Durga to defeat Mahishasura.

The devotees of Goddess Durga celebrate this day to mark her arrival on earth to defeat Mahishasura.

The sculptors only make goddess Durga’s eyes and fill them with colors.

The Mythological Story Behind Its Celebration 

According to Hindu mythology, Mahishasura was blessed with a boon that no human or God could kill him.

Taking advantage, he attacked Devlok and defeated all the Gods.

All the gods worshipped the Adhi Shakti and so the goddess of power, Maa Durga came to life.

The fierce battle between the goddess and the demon lasted for nine days. 

She defeated the demon on the tenth day.

Therefore, to gain the blessings of the goddess, the devotees worship her during the ten days.

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