‘Monkey B Virus’ Cause 1st Death In China: What Is Monkey B Virus?

A 53-year-old man in China died due to the monkey B virus. making the disease’s first human victim in the country.

On Saturday China reported its first case of a dangerous virus the monkey B virus. Furthermore, according to China CDC weekly journal the man infected with this virus was a veterinary surgeon. He dissected two dead monkeys in March 2021.

What is the ‘Monkey B virus’?

It is a zoonotic disease. The Monkey B virus or simply the B-Virus is mainly present in macaque monkeys. The virus is present in their saliva, brain spinal, cord tissue, urine, and faeces.

When Virus enters the human body, it mainly attacks the central nervous system as stated by the US National Library of medicine.

This virus was first identified in 1932. US CDC said that only 50 people were infected since its identification.  21 people have died from Monkey B Virus. The last death from this virus was recorded in 1997 before this recent case.

Symptoms of the Monkey B virus.

The symptoms of this disease are similar to a viral infection which also include covid-19. Human beings catching this infection experience fever, fatigue, headache and muscle ache.

If the infection increases in the body it can cause swelling in the brain and spinal cord. moreover, This infection also causes brain inflammation that leads to neurological dysfunction and death.

In an infected human being, the fertility rate of the virus is high. Around 70 to 80%.

Transmission Risk

Transmission risk of Monkey B Virus.
Credit: India Today

Furthermore, according to China CDC weekly journal, the Virus directly spread when a human comes in contact with the infected Macaque monkey. It can also spread by the exchange of bodily fluids.

This virus can survive for hours on the surface especially in moist conditions. The B-virus rarely get transmitted from human to human. People who can easily come in contact with the virus are veterinarians, animal care workers, and lab workers dealing with monkeys.


No vaccine is available for this virus. The major treatment for this is antiviral medicines. Getting identify in early-stage and the right treatment is vital for the patient’s survival.

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