Nirav Modi extradition appeal to be heard on July 21, 2021

Nirav Modi got a green signal to get extradition. India is looking for him for a $2 billion money-laundering scam, as we all know. On Friday, however, two people ensured that UK Home Secretary Priti Patel signed off on the extradition warrant for Nirav Modi.

Vijay Mallya who did Rs. 9000 crore fraud, is currently in the United Kingdom. It will give a sense of encouragement to Mallya if Nirva Modi gets extradition. Mallya appears to have no intention of repaying the money he borrowed from banks.

Nirav Modi got an appeal for extradition
Credits: The Indian Express

According to a London-based Press Trust newspaper, Nirav Modi has 14 days to appeal the extradition ruling before the UK high court makes a public statement. The high court of Justice in London will hear the appeal.

The high court will hold a hearing the following month. It will determine if there are any grounds for the appeal against the home secretary’s decision. The CPS stated that they will defend any appeal processes on behalf of the Government of India, if they are allowed to appeal.

On the contrary, Nirav Modi till then will remain in prison only. Though he was arrested two years ago in 2019 and all his attempts at bail were rejected. Moreover, in February, Sam Goozee (District Judge) stated that Nirav Modi will be answering before Indian courts. Furthermore, he has no extradition under UK law as the laws do not apply in this case.

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