PM Modi publicly acknowledged wishing the Dalai Lama; the first time since 2015

Highlight: PM Modi for the very first time since 2015 publicly acknowledged wishing Dalai Lama on his 86th birthday.

Recently, in a significant move, PM Modi acknowledged wishing Dalai Lama on his birthday. Indeed a strong signal to China.

On Tuesday, PM Modi tweeted that he wished Dalai Lama his 86th birthday. Also, he conveyed his best wishes and regards.

Notably, this is the first public tweet of PM Modi wishing the Dalai Lama since 2013. The last time PM Modi wished the Dalai Lama was on 6th July 2013. Also, he attached a link to his photographs with the Dalai Lama.

The public acknowledgment stopped in 2016. It was because of the Chinese sensitiveness in the air. However, this tweet shows a significant change in India’s Tibet policy. Above all this move is seen as a strong message to Beijing.

Modi’s action is weighed significant considering China’s ongoing border aggression.

Earlier the Indian government had not sent their regards to China on the 100th Anniversary of the Chinese Communist Party. According to the Ministry of External Affairs, it was not a government matter. As the official celebration of the National Day of China falls on the first of October. Thus this shift is significant since such an important day for Beijing would not have been missed if things were good on both sides.

While in 2019 PM Modi wished the Dalai Lama privately. There was no wish since 2020 as China decided to pull back from Galway Valley on the day the monk celebrated his 85th birthday. The cautious Indian side avoided wishing the renowned monk as he has been the face of resistance against the Chinese.

Interestingly there were no public messages neither from President Ram Nath Kovind nor Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Moreover, India’s Tibet policy has depended much on ties with Beijing.

Besides the differences, PM Modi sent his best wishes.

The Dalai Lama thanked people and leaders who greeted him on his birthday via a virtual address. In his address, he mentioned that he would continue to spread awareness about climate change.

Also, the renowned monk said that he became a refugee and settled in India. He has taken all advantage of India’s freedom and religious harmony. So he wants to assure that he will remain committed to reviving the ancient Indian knowledge.


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