Stan Swamy: A Look At The Man Who Has Been Made Into A Martyr

Stan Swamy- the man mourned by many people right now in India! But, do you know why he was arrested? Or why he has turned into a so-called martyr? If not, continue reading!

Who is Stan Swamy?

Stanislaus Lourduswamy, or popularly called by the name Stan Swamy was a Jesuit Priest! He was a Roman Catholic Priest and a member of the Jesuit order. Born in Trichy, Tamil Nadu, Swamy was a tribal rights activist. Interestingly, this Tribal Rights Activist is the oldest person ever to be arrested after being accused of Terrorism. 

Why did the NIA Arrest Him?

Swamy, arrested by the NIA for the 2018 Bhima Koregaon violence. Though he claimed that he was not present in Pune at the time. The acquisitions on him said that he was a ‘Maoist Sympathiser’.

The NIA submitted a 10,000-page charge sheet in the Bhima-Koregaon violence. Here, Stan Swamy is the central character. The main charge against him is being neck-deep in the activities of banned terror outfit CPI-Maoist. The letters and documents submitted to the court show Stan was drawing up a blueprint to set up militant units. This was to fight the Indian government. Also, he proposed recruiting disgruntled Dalits and Muslims and giving them armed training.

Stan Swamy- A Martyr?

The Left and Liberals are busy mourning the demise of the priest. However, the media in its agony has forgotten certain facts about him. The Public is drawn towards the environment of grief and sympathy created. Therefore, the facts that are being whitewashed need to be thoroughly discussed. 

Just because of his age, or because he was a Parkinson’s patient. It is hard to forget his connections to the Maoist terror plan. The NIA charge sheet says Swamy received Rs.8 lakh through a certain Comrade Mohan. This was to carry out CPI-Maoist activities. Also, Swamy was allegedly one of the main instigators of the Bhima-Koregaon violence.

In one of the letters submitted by the NIA, Swamy writes- “In order to develop the process…from very beginning, we should bring together most Dalit and Muslim forces that are already taking shape in some parts of country…They want to take training by going into revolutionary armed struggle areas.”

Hence, the charges and the proofs are way more serious than imagined. It is merely not the point of an old diseased man against the “Fascist” ideologies of the Government. Also, not to forget that around 167 security personnel and 463 civilians succumbed to Maoist attacks between 2018-2020. The current scenario seems a little of an attempt to paint a man involved in activities against the country as a victim!

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