PM Modi: Some Not Happy Seeing Women, SC/ST’s Become Ministers

As expected, the monsoon session began on a bitter note. The opposition started shouting out slogans as PM Modi introduced his newly appointed Cabinet Ministers in the Lok Sabha. To this behavior, PM Modi aimed at the MP’s saying some people are not happy if Women, SC/ST’s or farmers sons become ministers.

While addressing the Lok Sabha on the first day of this year’s monsoon session, PM Modi expressed his thought saying he expected enthusiasm in the Parliament as so many women, tribals and Dalits have become ministers. He emphasized this time our colleagues from an agricultural and rural background, OBC community, have been appointed to the Council of Ministers.

PM Modi lamented, saying perhaps some people are not happy to see women, OBC’s, farmers’ sons become Ministers. That is why their introduction was also not allowed in the Lok Sabha.

Similar was the situation in the Rajya Sabha. PM Modi was unable to introduce his Union Ministers to the House. Why? Because the opposition started shouting out slogans in protest to various issues.

When PM Modi stood to introduce the newly appointed Ministers, opposition MP’s created an uproar by shouting out slogans. PM Modi questioned the opposition’s conduct, wondering what kind of mindset in this?

PM Modi addressed the Rajya Sabha, saying that it is an occasion to introduce the children of the farmers to the House. But some people are against it.

Furthermore, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh objected to the Lok Sabha against the indisciplined behavior. According to the Defence Minister, such an incident had happened for the first time in 24 years. Singh further added that the strength of the Parliament is in the maintenance of healthy traditions. Both Opposition members and the Treasury should abide by that.

Meanwhile, the Leader of the House in Rajya Sabha condemned how the opposition MP’s behaved. Such behavior was unfortunate in the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha.

Notably, the Monsoon Session of the Parliament, 2021 commenced on 19.07.2021 (Monday) and will continue till 13.08.2021.

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