Poor And Conflict Nations Worst Affected This Year: Says UN

Poor and conflict Nations are worst affected this year as compared to the year 2020. This is due to the increase of covid-19 cases and rising deaths, Deputy Humanitarian Chief warned Monday.

Ramesh Rajasingham (Assistant Secretary-General for humanitarian affairs and deputy emergency relief coordinator UN.)  claims to UN Security Council that “This rise in cases and deaths is due to lack of access to vaccines. Also reduction in public health measures, and increased social mixing. Now, spreading of delta variant to at least 124 countries. This also includes 17 poor and conflict Nations”.

UN Security Council
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Furthermore, he added by saying that “This pandemic is far from over”, “we arguably in one of the most dangerous periods for the poorest people on our planet”.

Rajasingham also claimed that. There are three-quarters of poor and conflict nations with more cases and deaths this year than in 2020.

 These countries needed humanitarian aid. According to him, the rising cases and deaths are “Just the tip of the iceberg”. Because many countries have inadequate testing capabilities, that’s why UN does not have the right estimate of the scale of the crisis.

Rajasingham asked the international community to come up for the poor and conflict Nations. Thereby, ensure that these poor countries have access to testing kits, protective equipment, Oxygen, and other vital supplies. Furthermore, the pandemic has hit poor people the worst according to him. The humanitarian system is inviting $36 billion for helping 161 million people.

World Health Organization

A goal is set up by World Health Organization that by September vaccinating 10% of the population of every country. Also, the UN estimate that 162 million additional doses are necessary for poor and conflict Nations. ( according to Rajasingham)

Security Council is also meeting for implementation of the resolution adopted in February which includes. “ sustained humanitarian pause ”. In this, all poor and conflict Nations have access to vaccines. It also includes “ equitable and affordable access to covid-19 vaccines”.

Ramesh Rajasingham (Assistant Secretary-General for humanitarian affairs and deputy emergency relief coordinator UN.)
credit: BBC

But as Rajasingham claims the poor countries did not get sufficient quantities of vaccines for help. He said, “ to date, the level of effort to end this pandemic has been inadequate. More must be done”.

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