Previous-gen Kindle e-Readers to lose support for Internet Connectivity

Amazon has confirmed that users with older-generation Kindle e-Readers will not be able to connect to the internet from December this year. The tech giant will allow users to connect only through the Wi-Fi network. So, 2G and 3G cellular networks will not work in old Amazon Kindle devices.

The company has confirmed this by updating its Support page on its official website. So, it means that devices with no Wi-Fi support will have completely no access to the internet. As per the available information, Amazon will discontinue the internet connectivity in Kindle 1st and 2nd gen and the Kindle DX 2nd gen.

Further, users of these devices will still enjoy the previously downloaded content. So, if you’re a user of any of these devices, you can download as much content as possible so that you can still enjoy reading your favorite books.

Unaffected Amazon Kindle Devices

Now, what about the newer generation of Kindle e-Readers? Well, let me share the names of Kindle devices that will still have access to the internet through Wi-Fi. These are:

  • Kindle Keyboard (३rd गेन)
  • Touch (4th Gen)
  • Paperwhite (5th, 6th, and 7th Gen)
  • Voyage (7th Gen)
  • Oasis (8th Gen)

If you think your Kindle device is not mentioned in the above list, worry not; it will not be affected. Not only this, but the company is also offering attractive discounts and deals to the users whose devices will not connect to the internet later this year.

But to avail of these offers, you should have had read content between January 1 and June 30, 2021, on any of the Kindles that will lose internet access.

The company is also reaching out to the older generation users of Kindle devices and informing them about the new update. So, if you are among them, you should be receiving the mail from the company in a few days. Do note that this new update is currently applicable in the US as it only has 4G/5G networks. So, users from India don’t need to be worry as there is still a 3G network prevalent in the country.  And also, 5G is still be launched officially.

So, what do you think about the company’s decision to discontinue Kindle e-Readers with 3G connectivity in the US? Share your thoughts below.

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