Toddler rescued after being sold by her father- Deepawali with #Crime

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Start of the Big festival Diwali

Toddler found missing- Deepawali with #Crime.

In India the big festival Diwali is celebrated with some much fun, lights, good food.

But this is not the case everywhere.

People are hiding behind fake happiness and enjoyment and forgetting about the main message of Diwali- “Victory over evil”.

Crime scene prevailing in the country and increasing day by day shows us the message the “victory over evil” for India is a long way to go.

Complaint received from anonymous source about the toddler

On Oct 21 a complaint has been received from an anonymous source that a 4 months old girl child was sold by her father.

Registered Complaint to the commission’s Mahila panchayat office in Shahbad Dairy.

That a man has sold the 4-month-old toddler.

Rescue mission for toddler conducted with the help of Delhi Police 

The commission organized the team right away with the help of Delhi police and the Delhi police department approached the mother of the child.

Statement of the mother

Mother confronts in front of the police that her husband sold her daughter after she was born to a woman named Madhu and moved to Ranchi (Jharkhand), moreover she said that her husband previously also handed away her another daughter to a distant relative, and the daughter died in consequence to it.

Filling of an FIR as a result of the statement of mother.

Afterward, According to the statement,

The police department interviewed the woman Madhu upon the case of selling of the child.

Upon which the woman confirmed she has sold the toddler again to someone in Panipat Haryana. Afterwards, The toddler was missing from Panipat also

Rescuing of toddler performed on Oct 26

Upon safely rescuing the child on Oct 26, from the home of a lawyer in Delhi’s Jahangirpuri neighborhood.

After investigating, the lawyer told the police that he purchased the toddler from Panipat by a man named Mahesh and a woman named Meenakshi.

Shelter home provided to the toddler After completing her complete medical medical examination.

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