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World Test Championship Final: All You Need To Know About The Game

The most awaited World Test Championship Final is to be played between India and New Zealand. It is scheduled to be held between 18th to 22nd June. Both the teams have already reached England. So, to get the answer to all your pre-match whats, hows, and whys, keep reading this article! 

What is World Test Championship?

World Test Championship 2019-2021, is the inaugural edition of the World Championship in a Test-Match Format. The Tournament started on August 1, 2019. Nine of the total twelve test-playing nations participated in this inaugural edition!

How did the World Test Championship go on and about?

The tournament has been played for over two years now. Each team had to play six other opponents, three at home and three away. Each series could consist of two to five Test matches. Therefore, all participants do not play the same number of Tests but play the same number of series. At the end of the league stage, the top two teams play in the final.

How were the points distributed?

The ICC decided to give the same number of points. This would be based on the number of matches played in each series. This would be done regardless of the series length. Hence, countries that play fewer Tests do not face disadvantages. ICC also decided that points would not be awarded for series results, but for match results only.

In a five-match series, 20% of the points would be available for each match, while in a two-match series, 50% of the points would be available for each match. Therefore, depending on whether the series is 2, 3, 4, or 5 matches long, the number of points would be awarded. The ICC also decided that a tie should be worth half of the win and that a draw should be a third of the win. Ultimately, this meant that a figure for the total points available from the series needs to be picked very carefully. For example, 120 points were given per series! Hence, if it is a 3 match series then, the points available per match would be 40. Similarly, for a four-match series, the points allotted to a single match would be 30 points.

Changes in the Points allotment pattern due to  Covid 

Source- Wikipedia

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic, ICC made certain changes in the allotment of points! Actually, the points system was replaced by a win percentage system. Here, the Total matches won would be converted into the percent from total n. Of matches in the series.For eg. if a team wins 3 matches in a series of 5, the win percent would be 60%.

Repercussions of the changes

Because of this major change, England with higher points could not qualify for the finals! Instead New Zealand with a higher win percent qualified! This has left people debating whether the change was fair or not!

The Final of World Test Championship- India vs New Zealand

The final is to be played in Rose Bowl, Southampton.Scheduled from 18th to 22nd June, the match is being anticipated to be a close fight! Though, many fans demand that the final should have been a series of at least three matches, it is a single 5day test match! 

Speculations have started and cricket enthusiasts all across the globe eye the situation! While some have said that India might be at a disadvantage, because India was crashed by New Zealand in the last Test Series , the two nations played! However, it already has been over a year since this series was played! Also to remember that the last series that India played against England was not a long time back! The form of the Indian players might just give them an upper hand!

With all the anticipations in the air, it will be interesting to witness the final! Hope you are also geared up to cheer up for your favorites! 

Stay tuned with us for further updates!

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