Hardayal Singh The man who planted 10,000 plants for the village, dies gasping for oxygen

Hardayal’s Contributions

Hardayal Singh, 67 a retired stenographer had a passion to plant trees near the crematorium of his village near Patiala. The locals knew him as a man who could always be seen with muddy hands. Singh, who today has the credit of creating a jungle all by himself is now no more. He lost his battle due to covid 25th May 2021.

In a way, this was his way of ensuring pure and free oxygen for the villagers. He, in the last 12 years planted 10,000 plants. His daily routine was to get up early and tie saplings on his cycle and go to the crematorium of the village. His daily job was either to plant new plants or water old ones. And he also used to take buckets of water on the bicycle to get water from them.

His wife Kulwinder Kaur, 54 who is still Covid 19 positive remembers that numerous times she asked him to take the bike, but he used to refuse to say, that bike would pollute the environment. He did this labor-intensive job for free even though he had knee problems. 

Singh’s Final Chapter

Hardayal Singh was tested positive on the 17th of May. On the 18th he developed difficulty in breathing. The villagers rushed him to a nearby private hospital that had no beds. He was a patient that needed a ventilator but he was put on a normal oxygen bed. That too after a struggle of 28 hours. He in his critical condition tried to find a bed but could not find one. The family members asked for help from Sarpanch Karan Veer Singh who arranged a bed in Chandigarh.  However, Hardayal did not survive.

Next Generation As A Ray Of Hope

Singh, once to save a pipal tree fought the system for 1 year. He won that battle and finally, the high tension line that was supposed to pass after the removal of that tree was redesigned. The locals finally decided to cremate him near his small jungle. And like this, the man who gave the gift of pure oxygen to many finally passed away because he could not find oxygen. As reported to The Print his sons Damanpreet Singh and Dilpreet Singh have decided to follow in their father’s footsteps. And their mother has made sure that she will support them.

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