Hindu temple got attacked in Pakistan: Authorities stood idle stated India

A crowd recently attacked a Hindu temple in Pakistan. The incident’s footage and photos have gone viral across all social media platforms. However, India’s response to this tragedy was that the country’s authorities had failed to protect religious minorities.

Hindu temple got attacked in Paksitan
The image is taken from the tweet by Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf parliamentarian Dr Ramesh Kumar Vankwani mobs are seen vandalising a Ganesh temple in Pakistan’s Bhong city of Rahim Yar Khan district.  

A mob destroyed a Hindu temple in Pakistan’s Punjab region, destroying all of the idols within. According to Arindam Bagchi (spokesperson for the Ministry of External Affairs), such attacks and violence against minorities continue unabated. Despite this, the crowds attacked neighbouring Hindu homes as well.

Arindam Bagchi went on to add that Pakistani institutions have “stood inert” and have entirely failed to save the temple. In addition, India summoned Pakistan’s charge d’affaires. India issued a strong statement condemning the tragedy and expressing grave worry.

The story of attack on Hindu temple

Last week, an 8-year-old Hindu child urinated in a seminary library, according to PTI sources. As a result, it caused Bhong to be tense. Apparently, Hindu and Muslims have coexisted happily in Bhong for decades. As a result, a mob attacked the temple, prompting Ramesh Kumar Vankwani (a parliamentarian from the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf) to call for law enforcement to attend to the scene and stop the burning and vandalism. The situation got fiery. However, the law enforcement agents gained control of the situation.

In addition, the police officer stated that the temple has suffered damages. A horde of people arrived with sticks, bricks, and stones. The police officer went on saying that the boy got arrested who allegedly defiled the library of the seminar in Bhong Sharif. On the contrary, he got bail for being a minor. To this incident, DPO Sarfaraz stated that they will arrest those miscreants who insisted people attack the temple. The Supreme court has shown concern in this incident. Now the decision of the Supreme court awaits.

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