HIV people are at risk of Covid-19: Large studies found

People with HIV are more likely to be affected by Covid-19, according to a recent study. Furthermore, the study revealed that Coronavirus kills more than half of HIV patients in hospitals.

HIV Vs Covid-19

Prior to the outcome of the AIDS conference in Berlin, the findings advised that patients with HIV should be first in line for vaccinations. Older folks are next, followed by the younger population. Despite this, data is a severe challenge in this area. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying in hospitals around the world. Furthermore, the new delta strain, as well as vaccine scarcity, are putting additional pressure on governments. Around 95 per cent of the H.I.V. patients in the study came from Sub-Saharan Africa, which accounts for two-thirds of all H.I.V. cases worldwide.

Nonetheless, the information provided to researchers will allow them to delve deeper into this growing worry. They discovered that roughly 92 per cent of patients received the dose of antiretroviral medicines. Furthermore, many additional HIV patients had symptoms such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity. On top of that, nearly one-third of the patients had a high fever, and nearly one-fourth of them died in hospitals. The risk of mortality was even higher in those over 65, with older men having the highest risk.


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