Mehul Choksi returned to Barbuda says was tortured mentally and physically

Mehul Choksi a wanted diamond merchant in the PNB Scam returned to Barbuda. Now, he alleges that he was tortured mentally and physically. As of 15th July, he had reached Antigua and Barbuda.

In a statement released to the Hindustan Times recently by his lawyer Vijay Aggarwal. Mehul has said that he was seriously planning to return to India to prove his innocence. However, this won’t be the case anymore. He alleges inhumanely kidnapping by the Indian agencies. However, this has been denied by both Indian and Antiguan agencies. This has made him extremely concerned about his wellbeing and safety in India.

Mehul Choksi, on 23rd, may suddenly go missing from Antigua where he holds citizenship. Later, agencies found him in Dominica. However, the Dominican High Court has adjourned sine die all the proceedings against Choksi and allowed him to travel back to Antigua for medical treatment. Until declared fit to stand trial for all the accusations he is facing.

India Today: Back in Antigua, Mehul Choksi says kidnapping by Indian agencies left permanent scars on the soul

Here in INDIA

Ministry of External Affairs India stated that they are keenly observing each advancement in the case. Though this was done so he could be extradited to India. Dhanesh Vrajlal Seth- a close aide of Choksi, was granted bail. He received bail from the Mumbai Court.

Seth was the managing director of three firms. Also, these firms were held responsible for the PNB fraud. Mehul Choksi was on the run after the PNB fraud. Rs.7080 crore ($952 million) is a big amount that the agencies look forward to recovering from Choksi. However, Choksi is neither the first and nor the last fraud committing fugitive that has run away with the taxpayer’s money. Let’s hope that the extradition of Mehul Choksi marks the start of bringing other such runaway criminals back to India to face the consequences of what they had done.  

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